Swimming Lessons for Kids

Teach your kids the proper way to swim and get them their recognized swimsafer certification.

Equip your children with the necessary skill sets to swim comfortably in any situation.

Before your child can swim, he or she needs to be confident in the water. Getting your child to enjoy the swimming pool is the first step to them being a great swimmer. Our swimming instructors each have years of teaching experience with kids and have different approaches to getting your kid to want to swim. Then watch as they progress quickly using different swim strokes and alternate them based on their needs.


We also prepare your children and conduct Swimsafer tests after a fixed number of lessons. This is a recognized standard across Singapore that allows any swimming coach to guage your children's swimming ability without going through the hassle of testing them again.

swimming lesson for kids

Swimsafer for Beginners

There are three basic levels to go through before your children qualify for advanced courses.
This level focuses on mastery of basic strokes and certain water skills.

Swimsafer Stage 1

The purpose of this stage is to develop your child's water confidence and independence in the water. They will learn general and deep water safety. Some techniques that are taught include the forward and backward movement in water, how to perform a safe entry and exit, and personal water safety.

Swimsafer Stage 2

Next, we focus on the development of general skills such as unassisted step entry into water, sculling, feet first surface dives, personal water safety skills as well as water safety in aquatic environments. The end goal being to achieve at least 25 metres of continuous swimming.

Swimsafer Stage 3

In the final stage, principles of personal survival and basic rescue skills are taught. Some skills include sculling, underwater techniques, and the use of personal flotation device. Your child will also be able to swim for 50m continuously. 

Swimsafer for Advanced Swimmers

With the basic water skills taught and a certain level of confidence in the water, your child will move on to advanced swimming
techniques to get the best use out of each stroke and scenario.

Swimsafer Bronze

We will work on developing your child’s swim stroke and technique, along with instilling proper, coordinated breathing in deep water scenario while swimming 100 metres. We will introduce principles of water craft safety and continuously work on their rescuing and personal survival skills.

Swimsafer Silver

Your child will begin to learn the basics of diving. We will also continue with refining and teaching more advanced rescue skills and personal survival skills for an even wider range of scenarios. In order to pass this stage, children should be able to demonstrate efficient swimming techniques to qualify for the last stage.

Swimsafer Gold

Children will be required to perform strokes with greater ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over 400 metres. Rescue skills and water safety knowledge will focus on lifesaving readiness. Standing dive and personal safety skills will continue to be taught.


Group lessons

$100 - 120


Per month

  • 4 Lessons per mth
  • 45min per lesson
  • Group Session
  • Ideal for Ages 4- 16

Private lessons

$320 - 400


Per month

  • 1 to 2 Students only
  • 45-60min per lesson
  • Ideal for Ages 4- 16
  • Private Session

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