Lifesaving courses in Singapore

Official lifesaving certification that brings you closer to lifeguard status.

Learn the necessary lifesaving skills that may help you save a life.

There are certain skills that become priceless when you actually need to use them, and nothing can be more true to this than learning lifesaving skills. Every time you go to the beach or sea with your family and loved ones, there is always the risk of an undercurrent pulling people away from shore. Learning how to quickly assess the situation and instinctively put your lifesaving skills to use may help you save someone you hold dear.


In our course, you first go through Lifesaving 1,2,3. This teaches you the basics of what you need to know to save others from drowning. Subsequently, taking the Bronze Medallion and CPR Certification courses will ensure you become a qualified lifeguard.

Learn Life Saving Skills to save some one drowning.

What you will learn

Three fundamental lifesaving courses that prepares you for when someone is in need.


Lifesaving 1
Mastering basic swimming techniques

You will learn to build up your water confidence to a necessary level that allows you to confidently help others in the water. You will practice and improve on water techniques such as floating, submerging, breathing, Reaching rescue, bouyant aid rescue, and wade rescue. And you must be able to swim comfortably for 100m.


Lifesaving 2
Learning rescue methods and basic CPR

We introduce you to the basics on CPR and mouth-t--mouth resuscitation. You will be taught how to rescue people in emergency situations, how to handle uncoperative casualties, tow rescue and rope rescue. You must swim 150m comfortably.


Lifesaving 3
Combining advanced lifesaving techniques

You will master how to tread water without the use of your arms, scull water only with your arms, learn the Ready Position, and learn rescue methods on an unconscious casualty. Perform an emergency rescue, do an underwater recovery, and practice defensive and release techniqies while fully-clothed.

Rescue Breathing | CPR Singapore

Lifesaving Group Lessons

$100 - 120


Per month

  • 4 Lessons
  • 60min per lesson
  • Group Session

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