Swimming Lessons for Adults

Brush up on rusty strokes and learn new techniques to swim faster with more confidence.

Adult swimming lessons that help refine your stroke and improve your water confidence.

Learning swimming as an adult can be a daunting tasks to do. But in reality, most people learn the basics of swimming when young but do not practice it much into their adult life. There is no shame in going for lessons to improve your stroke and swimming technique.


Our swimming instructors will determine the level of your proficiency and advise you on which areas can be improved so you become a more complete swimmer. If you do not know how to swim, our instructors will tailor a lesson plan to get you up to speed in no time.

It is never to late to learn how to swim. Adult Swim Courses in Singapore

Learning Swimming for Adults

It may seem daunting to pick up swimming as an adult, but we start off lessons for people eager to
learn with a focus on water confidence and basic stroke mastery.

Developing water confidence

The objective is develop confidence and independence in the water. You will learn proper breathing techniques, deep-end water safety, safe entry and exit techniques, and learn to be comfortable in the water at different depths.

Learning the different strokes

You will be introduced to different swim strokes that cater better towards endurance and speed while also gaining confidene in treading water. Emphasis will be put on ensuring your swimming posture and technique is correct as you focus on building your foundations right.

Refining swim strokes for efficiency

You will learn to swim longer and faster through refinement of your stroke and your timing. We will teach you tricks people use to in situations that require speed, and survival situations that may require more endurance.


Group lessons



Per course

  • 10 Lessons per mth
  • 45-60min per lesson
  • Group Session
  • Tailored towards adults

Private lessons

$320 - 400


Per month

  • 1 to 2 Students only
  • 45-60min per lesson
  • Tailored towards adults
  • Private Session

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